The Significance of the Blessing

The era in which the Blessing is given is the most important time. It is the time when God’s wishes can finally be fulfilled and His grief of the past six thousand years can be resolved. It is also the time when the wishes of Jesus, who came to earth as the Son of God for all humanity, can be fulfilled.

Moreover, it is the moment when people can truly love for the first time since their creation, and receive respect, honor and joy from the rest of creation.

On that day, all evil will disappear and we will usher in a new era with the bright rays of the ascending sun. Nature will rejoice, everything in the universe will dance with joy and we will welcome a bright new morning, the new morning of victory.(19-106, 1967.12.31)(CSG Book 5 Chapter 2, Section 2 – 15)

Holy Water Ceremony

Holy Water Ceremony1
Holy Water Ceremony2

Affirmation of the Blessing Vow

Affirmation of the Blessing Vow1
Affirmation of the Blessing Vow2

Blessing Prayer

Blessing Prayer1
Blessing Prayer2

Proclamation of the Blessing

Proclamation of the Blessing2
Proclamation of the Blessing1

Presentation of Bouquets of Flowers and Gift

Presentation of Bouquets of Flowers and Gift1
Presentation of Bouquets of Flowers and Gift2

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