Everyone wants happiness and a world of peace. Yet we live in a world where war, division and violence are commonplace. Everywhere, cultures are clashing; ethnic Teams or religious communities are fighting. When we see starving people stricken by poverty, women struggling to escape the chains of domestic violence, and the neverending crimes worldwide, the problems of the world seem insurmountable. It becomes difficult not to ask, “Where do we go from here?”


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In our current globalized world where we are confronted with daily tragedies it is easy to feel overwhelmed and disempowered. It is only together that we can create a culture of peace.

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, is a tireless advocate for peace and reconciliation. Founder of the SunHak Peace Prize and the Peace Starts With Me Movement, she has supported initiatives for refugees, access to education for women and girls, food security, supporting marriage and family, and protecting the environment. Her hope is that we will be uplifted and transformed. Our lives and our actions will make a difference when we live for the sake of others.

The 'Peace Starts With Me' Peace & Family Festival brings together people from all walks of life, political leaders, religious leaders, chiefs, civil society, families, youths and women, for the sake of peace and reconciliation. Through a celebration of arts, music and inspirational words we highlight the diversity and creative power of our human family.





Solutions to our divided culture begin with the quiet revolution inside each of us. Mother Moon paves a pathway for change and delivers a message of hope: Peace Starts With Me. In a time when our world and nations are engulfed in disunity, Mother Moon is reminding us that we are greater than our differences. She encourages us to come together as brothers and sisters to take a step in unison toward peace. Let’s start peace together, as one family under God


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